100 WC … then suddenly it went dark…🌚📺

We were in the movies and the the ads that were before the movie were very annoying because they kept repeating . Then suddenly it went dark. I straight away knew that the movie was about  to start. Oh man this was my first movie in Australia. For some reason I felt like it got too dark either it was from the movie or it was the movie people making us kids get scared. Well guess what movie people I am not a scardy cat anymore cause I am 11 years old.  I felt better when the movie had started.  SHOUT HEY!!!!

BTN- Racism

BTN: This video that I watched was about Racism which is a very important thing through out Australia. Most people in Australia think that it is better if one of your parents are a different culture then its better so you can learn more than 1 language. A rapper who sang a song called Racism also told us that whatever religion you are it doesn’t make a difference in how intelligent you are and I think that is right since some some people think I am smart just because I am from a different country and I am doing my second year of grade 5 due to age limit. One important fact is that whatever skin colour you are or what language you speak never should make you feel bad that was one of the most important fact for me! I have heard these conversations before saying that if you get sunburn or sun cancer your skin colour can get pretty dark so sometimes people can be racist for that reason keep a look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100WC: … as it came rushing towards us we…

As it came rushing towards us we jumped over the fence and quickly got the rope. We sprinted across the field and reached the lake. The creature was far behind from us ha new record for us but we had to find some way across the river. I felt like there will be enough time to make a small raft. It took us ten minutes to make the raft but as we were about to leave the creature lept on my bestie I was shocked and started to cry. I pushed the raft in what was I supposed to do!


With the video  that I watched this week was a really good since I learnt about how footy is going with the women.

My BTN Video





This video was about how the women are playing footy and what they are doing to train the kids who would like to be part of the team when they get older. In a part of the video it mentioned that the scores that are going for the women might get better than the scoring of the men I was pretty shocked to hear this. They also started to train some younger kids of how they do so well in footy they also gave them signatures. I would love that if I had actually got one. The way the ladies were saying how they play was pretty complected so I don’t exactly know if the kids had understood it so you should check out the video.

  1. Even if you are a girl/lady you can play footy.
  2. Even if you are young you can play footy when ever you want.
  • Why did they decide there should be a women’s footy?
  • Is Women’s AFL happening in different countries? 

Women’s AFL might turn out more popular and better from the men’s footy!