SEPEP/ Futsal ⚽🥅

SEPEP/ Futsal means soccer played in a indoor or smaller pitch. For the past 7 weeks we have been playing sepep. Everyone in the 5/6 get into 10 groups of 7-8 people and then you verse each other. You and your team have to come up with a team name+ team chant+ team uniform. My team is called the Blue Comets we are a pretty good team since we are third on the score board. Each member on the team has it’s own job which includes being coach, captain, manager, reporter, 2 umpires, first aid and scorer. The grade 5s get to be either coach, captain, manager, reporter and the grade 6s get to be either 2 umpires, first aid or scorer. Since I am a grade 5 I am my team’s reporter and every week I have to put up my teams report on the soccer match and I am usually the first person to put up my report in all the other reporters. You should check out my teammates blogs click on these links they have their team jobs in the brackets:
Declan’s Blog (Coach)
Jett’s Blog (Captain)
Ambrose’s Blog (Manager)
Prapti’s Blog (Reporter) 
Nick’s Blog (Umpire)
Rowen’s Blog (2nd Umpire)
Tiana’s Blog (First Aid)
Jacintas’s blog (Scorer)