So this week was magician week that means when at least magician comes to your school and does magic tricks. Now it was not the best magician week ever but it was a funny one.The magician had this really big light bulb and before he did the magic trick it was empty, but after the magic trick the light bulb was filled with stuff. 1 minute later guess what happen the glass of the light bulb broke and everything fell out oh it was a terrible mess. Just look at this picture do you think you would wanna clean that up?

This isn’t part of the 100 WC:

Guys this was not a real story but I wanted to set a goal by making up a story that sounds realistic.

100WC: …so, what lies ahead of…

This week in school we learnt about mindfulness and what lies ahead of  the future. I thought the lesson on this would be no good but it actually was. Sometimes I don’t know what lies ahead of what I think. Anyways this lesson was short and just a bit boring but I did learn something from it which was to always keep a look out/ be aware and also to stay calm and relaxed not like to go in your temper time! So what would you think that might be interesting about having lessons on mindfulness. At least I know!!!!!😝


This week was not the usual week for me. While I was walking in the park I found this shoe sitting next these two huge shoe foot prints. I couldn”t guess who would do that but it was freaky! This is what I thought of the whole day, one small shoe next to, two big foot prints. I stept into one of the foot prints and they were deep but also I noticed there was piece of paper folded. I opened it and it said something but it was hard to read it. It started of by the word MURDER!

100 WC … then suddenly it went dark…🌚📺

We were in the movies and the the ads that were before the movie were very annoying because they kept repeating . Then suddenly it went dark. I straight away knew that the movie was about  to start. Oh man this was my first movie in Australia. For some reason I felt like it got too dark either it was from the movie or it was the movie people making us kids get scared. Well guess what movie people I am not a scardy cat anymore cause I am 11 years old.  I felt better when the movie had started.  SHOUT HEY!!!!

100WC: … as it came rushing towards us we…

As it came rushing towards us we jumped over the fence and quickly got the rope. We sprinted across the field and reached the lake. The creature was far behind from us ha new record for us but we had to find some way across the river. I felt like there will be enough time to make a small raft. It took us ten minutes to make the raft but as we were about to leave the creature lept on my bestie I was shocked and started to cry. I pushed the raft in what was I supposed to do!

100 Word Challenge

This is how the day went so weird.  As I was walking through the jungle I saw this weird creature laughing its head out, that is the picture of it. I couldn’t figure out what it was, I really needed my brother’s brain he would know it.  Can you figure out what it is, here is a clue it isn’t that big or too small it is in the middle.  Now can you figure out what it is? I asked some of my friends they said it was a seal in a laughing matter. I felt this day was awkward!

100 Word Challenge Prompt: Cushion, Scarlet, Annoying, Watered, Violin

Have you guys heard the story Scarlet Fox, well it is a very good story.  This is a story about a very special cushion and violin which is loved by a girl called Scarlet Fox who is very famous. Scarlet was someone who loved to play the violin but doesn’t play it that well even if she takes lessons. One day when her younger brother was watering the garden he didn’t realise that he watered Scarlet’s violin. When she went back to play her violin the sound it made was so annoying and no one could resist staying near Scarlet!

✨…But then the flash made me…📲✨

Today was the 1/08/2017 it had finally come. I only had to wait 24 more days till it was my birthday. I had no idea what my parents were going to give me but I knew they were going give me something good! Few days later I found out what I was getting from my parents . It was a new phone on the same day it was my teacher’s birthday. When the day came my parents gave me the phone and I tried to take a picture the flash worked perfectly! But hen the flash made me blink like 100 times! it heart!!

This is the actual picture of it and if you didn’t know this story is actually true!!!!☺

100WC In A Flash Of Lighting, I saw

In a flash of lightning. I saw the oak tree where granny was buried after her death. She died in such a young age even before I was born! But mum always says even if I didn’t ever see my granny I would still love her more then anything. When ever I see her on the pictures I think of my aunt cause they kind of look the same. After school I always go to see the oak tree and put a rose on top of where my granny is laid.  Sometimes my friends do this. But this isn’t real!😆

Okay, this sentence is not part of the 100WC all of the things that I just wrote about my granny is not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I stared up at the strange looking hands. I walked towards it like it mesmerised me, it was made of newspapers and it was holding a hamburger. It represented the famous, delicious hamburger shop. I started to laugh and called my friends. They came like a dashing star I didn’t know how they did that. Never mind, I told them about what I saw. They were shocked to see the newspaper hands and the hamburger! It did look like it was made a long time ago because of how many cracks were on the ginormous newspaper hands. This is weird!


I looked at the sculpture that laid in front of me. My wide eyes looked around the room, the whole museum was still. The ground made a thud, noises begun like the noises of a treacherous earthquake.I slowly moved slightly to the room filled with dinosaurs as I looked at the huge coin I screeched through the room when I saw the crocodile moving it. I ran to the police but it was too late when  reaching the giant coin it had already collapsed within the two pillars. I looked at the orange and gold pieces and began to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100WC {I just couldn’t eat something so}

Today Krish had tacos for lunch but because he did not like the tacos homemade he did not eat it. When he got home he didn’t take his lunch box out until his mum went upstairs. As she went upstairs Krish tip-toed to his bag and slowly got his lunch box out and quietly ran to the bin and was about to throw the food when his mum rushed down stairs and saw what Krish just did! She asked him” why did you not eat your lunch”. Krish replied” I had too much before so I just couldn’t eat something!!!!!!!!!!!”

100WC “Best Day Of My life”

Yesterday was my birthday and we had a grand party. Everyone who I invited came holding beautiful wrapped boxes. The present that my parents gave me was really small so I opened it last.My mum helped me un-wrap the presents, some of them were board games and some were electronic!!! Everything that I got for this birthday was the best. I didn’t care about the present that my parents gave me. I thought it would be the worst in all but instead it was the best!!! I slowly opened it and stared at the shiny, glimmering new i-phone and i-pad!!!!!!!!!!


On a rainy day there was a car race. A gentle girl named, Anya was in the race but also the rain! As they whizzed through the race track the flood started to become higher and higher while Anya just held on tight to her steering wheel. At the time when the flood became quite high Anya’s car was starting to be pushed to a huge tree due to the wind. One minute later the car was stuck in the tree. When it was the next day everything was dried up and the car was still stuck in the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi I’m a general girl named Rita. My grandfather is a famous soldier , He traveled around the world fighting in many wars. At the age of 99 he stopped and settled down on his wrecked leg that was broken due to an accident .When he died my father planted a flower that would represent my grandfather’s death.When I first went to the local museum I looked at all the famous soldiers and one of them was my grandfather .  I wondered of to look at this wall two men seemed to have gotten trapped, no wait they were soldiers!!!!!!You wouldn’t believe it!!!!!!!

100 WORD CHALLENGE [ Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera]

My brown cat pounced on my elbows and closed her beautiful eyes. I thought, what made her fear  so much. I was really worried and couldn’t move  so I told her that not to worry [really]. I got my small,  shiny camera and took a few pictures cause she looked adorable and there had to be a picture of her cute face sent to my friends.  Next door lived a lovely lady who was a cat specialist so I bought my cat to her and she fixed the problem [what was going wrong whit my cat].Oh my, that was hard!!!!!!!!!!!


How can something be so tiny as a present ! Why on my  birthday, granny would give me a boring gift which is a ring which isn’t useful ! At least my friends know how to gift. My granny knows me for ages and she still doesn’t know what I like! She could have given me something at least a bit better like a board game. It doesn’t matter if shes come from a long way! I imagined that she would bring the best birthday present in all but she gave me the worst. Maybe next year will be better, hope so.