The First Day🏤 (My Story)

ALARM! ALARM! ALARM! I woke up in the morning and I did my normal morning routine well like brushing my teeth, getting ready for school e.c.t later, I found there was a different uniform lying on my bed. I called out to my mum and asked whose uniform was this. She replied with a terrible laugh saying, that was my new uniform for the new uniform I was going to go to from today. For the laugh that my mum had given to that quote, I felt like she was joking but she actually wasn’t, I really am going to a new school.<! Continue reading The First Day🏤 (My Story)

SEPEP/ Futsal

SEPEP/ Futsal means soccer played in a indoor or smaller pitch. For the past 7 weeks we have been playing sepep. Everyone in the 5/6 get into 10 groups of 7-8 people and then you verse each other. You and your team have to come up with a team name+ team chant+ team uniform. My team is called the Blue Comets we are a pretty good team since we are third on the score board. Each member on the team has it’s own job which includes being coach, captain, manager, reporter, 2 umpires, first aid and scorer. The grade 5s get to be either coach, captain, manager, reporter and the grade 6s get to be either 2 umpires, first aid or scorer. Since I am a grade 5 I am my team’s reporter and every week I have to put up my teams report on the soccer match and I am usually the first person to put up my report in all the other reporters. You should check out my teammates blogs click on these links they have their team jobs in the brackets:
Declan’s Blog (Coach)
Jett’s Blog (Captain)
Ambrose’s Blog (Manager)
Prapti’s Blog (Reporter)
Nick’s Blog (Umpire)
Rowen’s Blog (2nd Umpire)
Tiana’s Blog (First Aid)
Jacintas’s blog (Scorer)

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Analysing How Authors Create Characters based on the story My Forever Home

For this weeks homework we had to read the story My Forever Home which you can search up on the internet or click on this and it will download on your computer.

We have to do the Analysing How Authors Create Characters based on that story.


After reading this story I found out the boy was saying “Come on Sammie, here puss puss puss. Come in, it’s cold outside.” It also said  And when he arrives home every afternoon he picks me up and cuddles me. He is worth purring for. This story made me think of a cat who is having a really smooth life also at the beginning it mentioned the word scruffy so I really thought this story is about a cat. Even cats are good at climbing tress. I think the character is very nice and acts very posh. Well the character was lonely at start but then at the beginning of the ending the cat got adopted by a nice family. I feel the character likes it being with the family instead of being by itself since he doesn’t need to hunt for food or needs a hard time living. Also when the cat is with some people it has a lot of fun and enjoyment. Continue reading Analysing How Authors Create Characters based on the story My Forever Home



Hi Jett, I really liked that you have included some bullet points. I had found a lot of points that I had included and I thought you had written it very neatly!😆😝


Hi Alexia,  I found many similar thing that I had written. It was really clear and set out well so well done.


I really like in what you have written even if it is short. I like how you have summarised some of the quotes and maybe next time just  write a bit more.

5 Facts Of Fiction based on the Story Charles by Shirley Jackson

For this weeks homework we had to read a story called Charles click on here if you want to read it. A few days ago we learnt about the 5 facts of fiction and for homework we have to do the five facts of fiction on the story Charles. If you want to know what it please click on here!  

Fiction is all about a character:

In this story I found two main characters who were Charles who is more of the main character through out the whole story and another character was Laurie.  In the first few sentences of the story it said that Laurie wore blue jeans with a belt.   It also said that Charles is very refreshing, fresh,. Some of their personalities are that they are very cheeky and easily get into trouble they are a lot of the same. I felt for Laurie that the reason why he was like this was because he had many new changes and he needed to get used to it. He most likely wold have felt that loneliness feeling, he might have felt that he was the odd one out from his classmates because he was different than them. I thought that ‘s why he had lied to his parents so he could show them he wasn’t falling behind from them. Continue reading 5 Facts Of Fiction based on the Story Charles by Shirley Jackson

Six Things You Need to Know About Themes based on the story Joseph Bryant📖📄

So fro this weeks homework we have to read the story called Joseph Bryant which you will find on this link click on it please This link leads you to the six themes you need to know about themes –>   Six-Things-You-Need-to-Know-About-Themes Click on this link and it will download on your computer.

Themes are abstract nouns:

Some of the sentences that I found for this phrase are…  Love is a dumb and dangerous word.  People misuse the word more than any other dictionary. “I love this apple, don’t you?” or ” I love this shirt!” but do they actually mean it? I picked these few  sentences because they really had good and interesting abstract nouns which I really liked, it also had expression for people to realise the abstract nouns. Continue reading Six Things You Need to Know About Themes based on the story Joseph Bryant📖📄

New member

Hey guys if you didn’t know we have a teacher from university who has come to our school for her last year of teacher learning if you haven’t already checked out her blog please do the by clicking on this link –>Maddy’s Blog that is the link to maddy’s blog.

Read like a Writer Based on The Short Story 2

So for this week’s homework we had to read the story Little Ania <–( Click here to read the story) which is on Libby’s Blog.


I thought that the ideas of the story was very attractive and for someone of my age I think it would be a really good story to rea. If you actually copy pasted the whole story on to word you would have to read 10 pages of and it would be exactly 3000 words! I couldn’t exactly finish reading the whole story but with what I had read I really enjoyed it. (Meaning: Ideas are the heart of the piece — what the writer is writing about and what the writer chooses to reveal about it. How does the writer reveal the main idea? What types of details does the writer use? How does the writer achieve his or her purpose?) Continue reading Read like a Writer Based on The Short Story 2

Read like a Reader based on The Short Story 1

So in this lesson we had a story that is called Eleven and you can see it on Libby’s Blog <–(click on this to go to Libby’s blog)


I predict this story will be on a girl who will turn 11 year old and its her birthday but she is not that happy cause no one is coming. ( meaning: Predicting helps readers sort out important information from unimportant information. It also helps them organize their thinking as they encounter new material.) Continue reading Read like a Reader based on The Short Story 1

Semester 1 Goals


To work on my billions and stay on track when using equations but also using scientific words. As in behaviour, I want to be more confident when making speeches. I also want to help others when they need assistance or comfort. I similarly want to work more on decimals, and sentence to build up different types of sentences. I want to take risks in learning not only I want to do that I want to read books that come from different genres.

My future goals are to know more on percentage and ratio for maths. In English I want to write more interesting pieces for other people to read but also I want to use all types of punctuation in the correct sentence it belongs to. Even though I have learnt many new scientific words I want to learn more on science projects to prove I really like science. My last future goal is to show how much confidence I have in learning.

These are my learning and future goals!😊

Price of Big Mac!

LG: I can use Excel to create graphs that meaningfully displays given data.

This is the graph that I made on excel. It shows big mac prices in different locations. It also shows the average price number in dollars.

I chose this graph because this is a collective data and it was originally set out on a two way table so I picked a two way bar graph. This bar graph also compares things correctly. You can see that the bar graph shows RSA has the most expensive mac books but in dollars they have the cheapest mac books.



Stormy Night!!!

Walking through the stormy, dark forest it started to get colder and colder. My heart was beating as fast as a cheetah running across the whole country. I walked and walked on the dry, crunchy and black leaves as I started to lose my way. As the dirt rose up and the wind became stronger I couldn't see anything and but with the help of the shining moon I could see a bit better. I heard some weird noises which made me feel a bit nervous, when I turned just to see what was going wrong hundreds or even thousands of bats came across smacking me with their thorny, wild and thick wings. When those annoying bats were gone I went to the nearby river and saw my reflection, my face looked terrible and I looked like a monster which I thought was a bit embarrassing. I left the river with a sad look trying to forget about the worst picnic ever. I thought that me and my mum would have a good picnic and leave together but instead she left  leaving me behind. I have been wondering around in the woods for ages carrying a starving tummy!!!!!!!  Next time I will remember to stick to my mother always. I surly have learnt a big mistake.