BTN- Racism

BTN: This video that I watched was about Racism which is a very important thing through out Australia. Most people in Australia think that it is better if one of your parents are a different culture then its better so you can learn more than 1 language. A rapper who sang a song called Racism […]


With the video  that I watched this week was a really good since I learnt about how footy is going with the women. My BTN Video Summery Recalls Questions Insight  This video was about how the women are playing footy and what they are doing to train the kids who would like to be part […]

BTN Olympics

My BTN Video Summery Recalls Questions Insight  This video showed how the Olympics went in 2010. It was located in Africa and millions of people came over. Soccer Olympics is more important than any other sport more than footy, rugby and other Olympic games!They 715000000 are estimated to be in the stadium located in Africa […]

BTN Mangrook Footy!

Mangrook Footy Red- Summery Purple- Recalls Green- Questions Blue- Insight The video that I watched today was very interesting, it talked about who was the founder of footy. But more of it was that it was for the cricketers to get fit in the winter but people say AFL came from Marngrook. AFL was found […]


My BTN Video As we already know that space is very important to us because not only we can go on adventures, we can study it. Our Earth is the third planet on the solar system but the milkyway holds thousands of solar system and one of them is ours. But the main question was […]

BTN: World Asthma Day

  The video that I watched today was about what happen’s when you have asthma. You don’t really catch asthma from others there is a certain way you get it but doctors can tell you that. For some people who have asthma can’t even go out without taking medication  and for some they have to […]


The video that I watched was called virtual classroom. The kids talked about their school and could chat with teachers and other students from different places in New South Wales having virtual times. Even in the near by cafe they chat with their teachers and classmates also in their p.e. room! They can do it […]

BTN “Why do we sleep”

The only reason we sleep is because after all that we do at daytime makes us feel really tired and that sleep re-freshes our brain for the next day.The amount you eat and drink the same amount you should sleep to be healthy.When we are in deep sleep we are un-aware what is going on […]


The video that I watched today was about several kids talking about why they need it and why they love the river. River is food and water for everyone. It is useful for many reasons also at the start the boy was talking about why they do the river dance. The reason was, because everything […]


This was about a man whose name is Anh Doh’s and his experience as a refugee form Vietnam who wrote his first book that is really popular. This man had travelled over seas when he was only 2 from Vietnam. It took him 5 days exact to reach Australia which he thinks is a wonderful place. […]


At the beginning of the video the kids were showing and telling how Australia is so unique from different countries. They also showed us a demonstration of how the colonies acted against each other in the olden days. It describes the olden days in Australia when Captain Cook landed  and named the bit as Sydney Cove. Various […]


This video is about two colonial soldiers who deliberately wanted to be caught by stealing a piece of cloth so that  can lead the life of convicts. The soldiers had a very boring life as compared to the convicts who could relax after finishing their allotted work. Ralph Darling (governor in New South Wales) made the rules […]


The first video represented what the Aboriginals thought when they saw the English people proceeding towards their area in native Australia and invading gradually. They were bringing some strange items/animals which were new to the Aboriginal people. They were scared and called them “ghost people”. In the 18th century the poor children in England used make their survival by […]