BTN- Racism

BTN: This video that I watched was about Racism which is a very important thing through out Australia. Most people in Australia think that it is better if one of your parents are a different culture then its better so you can learn more than 1 language. A rapper who sang a song called Racism also told us that whatever religion you are it doesn’t make a difference in how intelligent you are and I think that is right since some some people think I am smart just because I am from a different country and I am doing my second year of grade 5 due to age limit. One important fact is that whatever skin colour you are or what language you speak never should make you feel bad that was one of the most important fact for me! I have heard these conversations before saying that if you get sunburn or sun cancer your skin colour can get pretty dark so sometimes people can be racist for that reason keep a look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With the video  that I watched this week was a really good since I learnt about how footy is going with the women.

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This video was about how the women are playing footy and what they are doing to train the kids who would like to be part of the team when they get older. In a part of the video it mentioned that the scores that are going for the women might get better than the scoring of the men I was pretty shocked to hear this. They also started to train some younger kids of how they do so well in footy they also gave them signatures. I would love that if I had actually got one. The way the ladies were saying how they play was pretty complected so I don’t exactly know if the kids had understood it so you should check out the video.

  1. Even if you are a girl/lady you can play footy.
  2. Even if you are young you can play footy when ever you want.
  • Why did they decide there should be a women’s footy?
  • Is Women’s AFL happening in different countries? 

Women’s AFL might turn out more popular and better from the men’s footy!

BTN Olympics

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This video showed how the Olympics went in 2010. It was located in Africa and millions of people came over. Soccer Olympics is more important than any other sport more than footy, rugby and other Olympic games!They 715000000 are estimated to be in the stadium located in Africa and this amount of people are placed in every soccer match. They said it would be the biggest soccer match held yet. Even bigger than the AFL finals and and even bigger than the super ball. Many different countries want it to be their turn to held a soccer match or the Olympics. 26 billion people are tuned to win that trophy they also come from about 240 different countries. Many want to held the future Olympics so be ready for it!

26 billion people want to win that trophy but they also come from several different countries.

Soccer is important than any other Olympic sport even more than AFL!    

Why is soccer more important than any other sport?

Why are all the countries fighting over to have the Olympics at their country? 

Soccer Olympics is more famous than any other Olympic game.



BTN Mangrook Footy!

Mangrook Footy

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Purple- Recalls

Green- Questions

Blue- Insight

The video that I watched today was very interesting, it talked about who was the founder of footy. But more of it was that it was for the cricketers to get fit in the winter but people say AFL came from Marngrook.

AFL was found more than 150 years ago, by Thomas Wentworth Wills, who at the time was one of Australia’s best cricketers. He grew up in Australia and spent some time in England.Many people have tried to guess where its unique rules came from some said Rugby but some of the things in AFL came from Marngrook. Marngrook is a traditional sport played by Australia’s Indigenous people for thousands of years. Marngrook is the Gunditjmara word for ‘Game Ball’. In addition like Aussie Rules it’s a connection. Sport  between two teams that fight for possession of a ball with kicks and catches. Marngrook teams are much bigger with up to 50 players on each side. You also had to be pretty fit to play because games lasted for around 2 days! Also the Marngrook Ball was made out of possum skin not like the AFL ball made out of leather. The word for catch in Djab Warrung is Mumarkke or Mark for short.These similarities have led many people to believe there must be a shared history between Marngrook and Aussie Rules. Marngrook was played near where Tom Wills grew up, in Western Victoria – Djab Wurrung country and there, it was already known that he’d befriended kids from the local Indigenous community. He well read to speak their language. Which means he could have been introduced to Marngrook before creating Aussie Rules. 

How did the indigenous people come up with the name Mangrook?

Who was the person to make Mangrook? 

Mangrook is quite the same along footy.


Mangrook FootyMangrook Footy


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As we already know that space is very important to us because not only we can go on adventures, we can study it.

Our Earth is the third planet on the solar system but the milkyway holds thousands of solar system and one of them is ours. But the main question was “Is earth infinite” and the answer to that was no because if the earth expands you will never find the middle because of its shape. 

But there is a answer hidden and scientist have been trying to find out more about this. So if you are person that want work in NASA then you are amazing cause I wan to work in NASA its my dream job!!


BTN: World Asthma Day


The video that I watched today was about what happen’s when you have asthma. You don’t really catch asthma from others there is a certain way you get it but doctors can tell you that. For some people who have asthma can’t even go out without taking medication  and for some they have to go to the doctors and get medical units! One of the things that were said was that whenever you have an asthma attack you have to take a medication which comes with a weird looking bottle. But one of the medications you take is taken regularly at night. If you play or eat too much when having asthma may cause certain problems. Even if you don’ have asthma but is having a sickness you should always check with the doctors. You should always stay away from things that will make your asthma flair. And guess what my friends in this video.
The video


Image result for different emojis copy and pasteThe video that I watched was called virtual classroom. The kids talked about their school and could chat with teachers and other students from different places in New South Wales having virtual times. Even in the near by cafe they chat with their teachers and classmates also in their p.e. room! They can do it when there is WiFi around. When they miss any session the work gets recorded and they can see it from their other classmates when having virtual talks so they can catch up with what they missed in class. They can have group chats about something their are focusing on like a project. They also talked about their school having free times to go to the library to have virtual talks to other students from different countries to see what they are learning about!


BTN “Why do we sleep”

The only reason we sleep is because after all that we do at daytime makes us feel really tired and that sleep re-freshes our brain for the next day.The amount you eat and drink the same amount you should sleep to be healthy.When we are in deep sleep we are un-aware what is going on around us because of how much tired we are. Prefontal Cortee is a part of our brain that sorts out of what you learnt the whole day so it basically throws away the things that you wouldn’t need any more and keeps what you would need. So sleep is very important for many reasons!  People who can’t sleep at night get terrible headaches and can’t get any imformation their heads at all! Whereas a good sleeper can! Dreams are important for imaginations and creation!!!!!!




The video that I watched today was about several kids talking about why they need it and why they love the river. River is food and water for everyone. It is useful for many reasons also at the start the boy was talking about why they do the river dance. The reason was, because everything that lived in the river were dying and the dance represented the fishes body. Even their passion was to fish and think the river was their home. It is also some peoples loving to sail in the water and be a captain of a boat or ship. Also there are certain ways to control the river unlike the sea which keeps the ships and boats safe when sailing. Nowadays compute- ring also can control the river. Even teenagers can study about the river and the creatures that live in the river. The rivers help the natural birds live. It is for everyone to have fun. If everyone helps the river be hygienic and sparkling there will be more fresh water, RIVERS ARE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!


This was about a man whose name is Anh Doh’s and his experience as a refugee form Vietnam who wrote his first book that is really popular. This man had travelled over seas when he was only 2 from Vietnam. It took him 5 days exact to reach Australia which he thinks is a wonderful place. His mother makes them dress in a funny way so the clothes would not get wasted or be destroyed. On the ship they were travelling on there was a pirate attack and one of the pirates was so mad he was about to throw Anh’s brother also the other families were thrilled by the pirates behavior.


Was it really hard for Anh and his family to travel from Vietnam to Australia?[conditions of 
 Did he want to leave everything [home] from Vietnam?                                                                   



At the beginning of the video the kids were showing and telling how Australia is so unique from different countries. They also showed us a demonstration of how the colonies acted against each other in the olden days. It describes the olden days in Australia when Captain Cook landed  and named the bit as Sydney Cove. Various other countries came to Australia like Britain and formed their own colonies. There was no good relationship between any of the colonial parts. The British was the big boss of all the colonial parts of Australia. The poorer and the smaller colonies would be afraid to face other colonies because how much power they had and how much money they had. Indigenous people wouldn’t be able to be counted in the population of Australia until 1971 and they could not vote for certain things till 1962. Women couldn’t vote either until 1902. Finally on Australia was freed from British and on  1st January 1901 Commonwealth Of Australia was formed.


This video is about two colonial soldiers who deliberately wanted to be caught by stealing a piece of cloth so that  can lead the life of convicts. The soldiers had a very boring life as compared to the convicts who could relax after finishing their allotted work. Ralph Darling (governor in New South Wales) made the rules really harsh and the soldiers were made to stay under chain for 7 years.CHAINS WERE TORTURE, the prisoners wouldn’t be able to walk or stand properly. Wentworth was a politician who was the first native-born Australian. He was one of the leading figures of early colonial of New South Whales who wanted self- government for the Australian colonies.


The first video represented what the Aboriginals thought when they saw the English people proceeding towards their area in native Australia and invading gradually. They were bringing some strange items/animals which were new to the Aboriginal people. They were scared and called them “ghost people”.

In the 18th century the poor children in England used make their survival by stealing food, clothes and money because of mass poverty. The judicial system was very harsh and they were sentenced to jail. But eventually when the jails were filled with criminals, some were hanged and some were deported to far away in a new place called New South Wales which was invented in the early 18th century. The ships which were used during that period had terrible conditions. Some could not endure the voyage. The convicts who could successfully arrive at the destination started their lives in the new colony.