About Me☺👧

Dear Senada,

Today I have written a small piece saying all about me.

My name is Prapti and today I have written a small piece saying all about. In my family I have my little brother, mum and dad. I am born in Cardiff which is in Wales. As my dad works in TCS we get transferred to different places like we lived in London before. From there we came to Melbourne recently.

When we lived in London I learned a lot of things like swimming, basketball, classical dance and keyboard. I did keyboard in school times and basketball after school times. I had dance lessons on weekends which I did for 4 years and also swimming for the same amount of time. I played more sports but I played with my friends like tennis, badminton, soccer and netball. My hobbies are to play with my friend and play sports with them too. I like to dance and do art (even though I am not that good at it). I like to eat a lot and my favourite thing to eat is meat.

I am an Indian from a city called Kolkata, which is in the eastern part of India. I have many friends there and many relatives who live there too. I get to visit to India once a year and to spend some time with them. I like to wear Indian clothes cause I feel they are fancy. I have many friends their names are Haguan, Aaliyah, Sofia, Eloise, Emily, Alexia, Heidi.

I have great hopes as we moved to Australia and hopefully they will get fulfilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!