Electricity Project Reflection

Project Reflection:

My group and I had hoped to make a Light saver using the Mayke Mayke Kit and Scratch. We had a few changes but then we ended up have the same way we wanted it to be at the beginning. We made this for people who waste light and the people who don’t care about how much watt they have to p and the people who don’t care about how much watt they have to pay. This project records light usage. This will let people around the world to record seconds of light usage and the point of having light. There were a few changes like our first one we used the light switch then snap circuit and then we went back to doing the light switch. We had a challenge of not work as a full team but next time we should be able to work well. Our success was with the scratch we made our coding part pretty easily that was the happy part.


•      ROWEN: It was good and had a lot of interesting further info and had a lot of changes.

•      SARAH: I think it was a good idea, I can tell it had lots of planning something you could work on a connection to make your wires work by itself.

•      CHARLIE: It’s good and could save energy. Maybe you could also say how much money the energy costs.

We appreciate the feedback and we will try making the improvements approve.

Try To Improve/ Improved:

I am proud that we finished our project even with a few changes and ups and downs I still had fun. We could next time improve on our teamwork so it could be quick

Electricity Coding Project (CLICK ON ME)


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