Reading Review- The Giver by Lois Lowery

Date Finished: 11/12/2017

The book is about a young boy named Jonas who really likes this girl named Fiona. But where he lives there is no war or hunger or pain which is good. But later when he gets selected for work the stress comes but also how Fiona meets Jonas.

The main character: Jonas

Living: Lives in a safe community

Family: When selected for work he gets separated from his loving parents.

The part that I really like about the book was when Fiona and Jonas became very good friends.

The part that I disliked about the book was when Jonas found out his life wasn’t perfect cause the was a very sad part.


I would recommend this book to people who love reading since this book has several different genres example: sci-fi, Fiction, Adventure e.c.t.I would also recommend for you all to read this book because it is by a very good author who is Lois Lowery and he has written some more interesting books like Messenger, Son and Gathering Blue.  This book is also converted into a movie so please watch the movie and if you have then you know what the book is about.

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