100WC: flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

(Hi everyone this is a post on poetry since we are doing poetry in English so hope you enjoy it. Also the numbers aren’t counted since they are not counted as words.  So there is a 100 words.)

The Flame of Fire

Swimming with desire

As they celebrated the celebration

Blue is the pool and ocean

White is the clouds

People use pounds

But here we use dollars

There are no colour

As tomorrow comes everyday

Life passes day by day

Summer Summer Summer

The sun shines with shimmer

Love with the sun

No one really like to run

Some play sport

Even if they are really short

Jut 30 more words

Not till the end of the world

Now just 20

Not much plenty

I have to say

What a great day

7 close


5 Not sure


3 nearly


1 Done

0 Yeh







3 thoughts on “100WC: flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

  1. Hi Prapti
    Thank you so much for sharing your poem. I thought it was a great idea for you to link poetry writing with this challenge. I really liked the way you incorporated numbers in but didn’t include them in your count. Very disciplined! Are you enjoying writing poems?
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms McKenzie (Team 100WC Christchurch, New Zealand)

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