School Captain Speech!

Hello everyone today I will be telling you why I would be a great school captain. Just to let know I only did join this school this year so this might be surprising to you.

First of all why I think I would be a great school captain because I am very organized and with the speech I am reading out to you today, you can see it is very organized.  This part of the job of being a school captain will outline and make me improve my organization skills. These will help when things like fundraisers, excursions and incursions and sporting events are planned and executed. If you didn’t know I am in green team right now and sometimes even if the teacher is here I have to organize a few things.  Also my ability to multitask is exceptional! I have many activities I do throughout the school and outside school they include playing netball, soccer and swimming and also for homework I have a timetable. I remember in SEPEP I started of being the manager and it wasn’t that easy as I thought it sounds like because I had to keep a lot of paperwork organized. Usually in the week I am very busy so I have to keep my stuff organized.  If I do get to be a school captain this role would make me more efficient with being more organized. This is why I think my organizational ways would be the right type to fit into the leadership role of being school captain.

Secondly, I can communicate with people very easily, like when I had first joined this school everyone kept on asking how I knew everyone’s name so quickly. Also when I had first got a buddy we learnt many new ways of communicating like sharing, helping and more so I think buddies was a big help. I have also experienced communicating with old people, young people, people in my family, my friends and much more. Also sometimes when teachers ask us to find partners we don’t work with that often I always go for someone I can communicate well with and work well with.  From past memories when joining new schools and going on to school tours I have had to be brave enough to communicate with people who I have no idea about like right now I am communicating with people I know but I am nervous to speak to. So bravery is part of being good at communicating plus I know that if I do get to be school captain you will learn more ways to communicate with other people easily.

Finally I am very open to learning because being a school captain means you can use your prior knowledge. From the past at my old country I had done SRC and it was fun, also I am in green team here in this school. I always would attend every meeting and learn something new. Whatever I learn I can also teach that to other students and other people maybe even family members. I love to learn and most people think I am good at studies. I always keep an eye out for anything I learn new about even if it is something I do know about or is too easy I would love to do it. Challenges is something I can take any day. I always try my hardest to get passed through high levelled questions quickly and most times it works pretty well.  This means I’m open and ready to tackle whatever challenges life comes at!

So, classmates and teachers, I have delivered the three main reasons why I eagerly believe and hope you believe I would represent this wonderful school as a perfectly organised, communicative and open school captain. Thank you for listening to my speech and I hope you have understood why I would be a great school captain.  

Thank You

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