The First Day🏤 (My Story)

ALARM! ALARM! ALARM! I woke up in the morning and I did my normal morning routine well like brushing my teeth, getting ready for school e.c.t later, I found there was a different uniform lying on my bed. I called out to my mum and asked whose uniform was this. She replied with a terrible laugh saying, that was my new uniform for the new uniform I was going to go to from today. For the laugh that my mum had given to that quote, I felt like she was joking but she actually wasn’t, I really am going to a new school.<!

  I never knew I was going to a new school. I shouted, screamed my head off but after a few minutes of being so cranky my mum calmed me down slow and steadily. I asked her “Why do I have to move schools? Why can I not go to my old school?” My mum replied saying “You will be getting better education and getting dearer friends but was that true she also did say it is a much better school than my old one but was it. She said that if I went to the new school I can get smarter quickly. I don’t even want to be smart, what is the point in being smarter, that’s right you get harder work! I just care if I am with people I know.

My parents just can’t send me to a completely different school without permission especially when I don’t know who is part of the school, what is the school called and I don’t know where it is. My mum is pretty stern well she can get very angry very easily so without saying anymore I just got changed into my new school uniform. I closed my cupboard, while looking at my old uniform then I thought for a moment and asked my mum if I could call my friends from my old schools (Laila, Jazz and Niyati) could come over after school. My mum agreed at least!

            When we reached the car I got in it and put on my seat belt and then put on the radio. I then just realised that my favourite song was being played, well I thought the day would go pretty well but did it. While in the car I was thinking what is going to happen in the new school, the school was pretty far. When we reached the school I walked to the school office and that is where I got to know what class I am in. I was not nervous at all, huh I am a tough girl I hope that is what everyone thinks. Once I had reached my classroom I was about to open the door when I saw something really gross already. Can you guess what it was, well there was mud on the door handle.

  Oh man how worse can this day get, well what I mean is that in school how worse can this day get. Oh man I have a really funny feeling in my tummy! As I walked in I slowly slipped into my new seat. Oh that seat was rough. A few minutes later I wanted to get along with somebody so I started to speak with my new partner. She wasn’t that bad, her name was Jess, like a nice and simple name. She was my first friend I had made on that day. She always used to call out at the beginning of school “Jamey, Jamey” and I always knew that call was from my first friend I had made at this school. On the first day, Jess introduced me to the other grade 4’s and also the Principle!!

I didn’t feel like I was having at all. When I was having lunch I saw the cool kids and that same time I was alone and I felt very scared. In the group of the cool kids I spotted Jess, so I called out to her and she ran towards me and grabbed my arm then she pulled me really hard. Ouch that hurt I thought to myself. I didn’t understand why she did that to me. I asked her afterwards why she was with the cool kids. She replied saying she was friends with the cool kids. Wow I thought! One of the cool kids name was Pattie hat a name I thought. He was the one to make me friends with the cool kids.


        Guess What? Staying at this school for around 2 years I have become a cool kid! Maybe what I had thought at the beginning was wrong I am glad I am at this school I come to this school. Even mum was surprised!   

 The End





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