Analysing How Authors Create Characters based on the story My Forever Home

For this weeks homework we had to read the story My Forever Home which you can search up on the internet or click on this and it will download on your computer.

We have to do the Analysing How Authors Create Characters based on that story.


After reading this story I found out the boy was saying “Come on Sammie, here puss puss puss. Come in, it’s cold outside.” It also said  And when he arrives home every afternoon he picks me up and cuddles me. He is worth purring for. This story made me think of a cat who is having a really smooth life also at the beginning it mentioned the word scruffy so I really thought this story is about a cat. Even cats are good at climbing tress. I think the character is very nice and acts very posh. Well the character was lonely at start but then at the beginning of the ending the cat got adopted by a nice family. I feel the character likes it being with the family instead of being by itself since he doesn’t need to hunt for food or needs a hard time living. Also when the cat is with some people it has a lot of fun and enjoyment.


I think that the character is intelligent because if the cat hadn’t gone up to the roof then  it wouldn’t have met the young boy who helps the cat. The character knows that he has a really decent life and can get many needs very easily because of how intelligent he is he also knows that the family he has now loves him a lot and takes care of him a lot. The character has a big impact on the boy because he is also alone and has no company so having a pet is a great thing to have.  I thought with his intelligence if he wouldn’t have found a right family I think he still would be alive since he has food and some other things. I thought the author is also pretty intelligent cause he wants his readers to try and guess from which perspective is from and in this case it is a type of cat. In this story the only person it talks about is the cat so we can’t compare the other characters really.


The character most times feels happy since he has a very fair life even without a family or with a family.  At the end he felt like he really was at home because he had a family and you can see the changes, at start he felt alone but a bit happy but at the end he felt really excited since he had a family and wasn’t alone or had to hunt for food either.  The character feels very relaxing through out the whole story but because at the end he has a new family he feels much more better and at home so I l really like that.  Sometimes the cat feels like people are doing good for them but they actually aren’t because they knock over its house and stuff.  He doesn’t really seem to feel hopeless or homeless since he has everything he needs. Some people would have mentioned that the cat isn’t that emotionalise but he actually is kind of like me.


The cat gets along with people very easily and likes it when there is people around it so it doesn’t feel that lonely. The character seems very nice to me from what it had written about itself but also seems very not keen and doesn’t care that much. The character makes friends with a young boy who spots the cat on the roof when there was some pictures being taken also the same person who had adopted the cat. That person seems very gentle and the age of a tween (9 year olds to 13 year olds) also he has two parents. The cat chooses the boy to be his friend because he had spotted the cat first and really felt like to have it since he was alone and had no company at home so he really wanted that pet cat. The character comes in the beginning of the near ending of the story so most of the story had the cat being alone. The character is very generous and also one of the main characters in the story including his parents.


The character feels very at home even if he is by himself he doesn’t care that much and has its own personalities. It has ways of getting food and always having some type of happy feeling even if it is alone and doesn’t have anything to do or isn’t that smart. He believes that one day he will have to do anything because he will have a great life especially when now he has a family who also lives with him. In this story it doesn’t say that much of how his beliefs can affect him for he just thinks he is the luckiest cat ever. The others in the story don’t share their beliefs that much because they aren’t that part of the story.

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