5 Facts Of Fiction based on the Story Charles by Shirley Jackson

For this weeks homework we had to read a story called Charles click on here if you want to read it. A few days ago we learnt about the 5 facts of fiction and for homework we have to do the five facts of fiction on the story Charles. If you want to know what it please click on here!  

Fiction is all about a character:

In this story I found two main characters who were Charles who is more of the main character through out the whole story and another character was Laurie.  In the first few sentences of the story it said that Laurie wore blue jeans with a belt.   It also said that Charles is very refreshing, fresh,. Some of their personalities are that they are very cheeky and easily get into trouble they are a lot of the same. I felt for Laurie that the reason why he was like this was because he had many new changes and he needed to get used to it. He most likely wold have felt that loneliness feeling, he might have felt that he was the odd one out from his classmates because he was different than them. I thought that ‘s why he had lied to his parents so he could show them he wasn’t falling behind from them.

Fiction is all about what your character wants:

In this story I found out that Laurie wanted his parents to be proud of since he was falling behind everyone and that is why he lied to them to show he is doing great and there isn’t any problems going on with him. Charles wants to be the guy who is really popular and cool also not to get into a lot of trouble and not be teased at school.

Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he or she wants:

I feel like this story has a part 2 in it because the last sentence ended like this #” we don’t have any Charles in the class.”#   So we don’t know exactly if Laurie got what he wanted. Also his mother never knew that he was lying to her about how he is going. We don’t exactly know if Charles had positively fit in with the cool kids but the starter if the ending showed that Charles had improved his behavior and had started to as a good kid. In this story I found a hidden fact that talked about Laurie was Charles all along so that was what he didn’t want his parents to notice. And Charles he didn’t really get what he had wished for/ expected

Fiction is all about how your character changes:

At the beginning of the story Laurie wasn’t the honesty person cause he lied a lot to his parents. If he had to change he could have just told them the truth so they could have helped him.  Later on the story Laurie becomes much better and most times he is honest and  helpful. He learnt of what would happen with the consequences. He has learnt that lying is a bad way of show yourself and respect. He has also learnt that you shouldn’t be embarrassed in what you have done.

Fiction is all about a world an author creates:

I think the author chose the setting to be in a school is because us kids go to schools and we get teased and bullied and stuff also this story is for kids to read and that is why he/she wanted different types of behaving kids to read this story and see what they could learn from it.  This story can also help kids who join new schools to be not shy or embarrassed of what you do, like me but I am not like that any more. The people that the author decided to put in this story are teachers, parents and bullies/troublemakers. The setting is in a school.  I thought the theme of this story was hope because there were a lot of wishing and hoping through the story reading a few sentences at the beginning gave me a picture of what it looked like.

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