Six Things You Need to Know About Themes based on the story Joseph Bryant📖📄

So fro this weeks homework we have to read the story called Joseph Bryant which you will find on this link click on it please This link leads you to the six themes you need to know about themes –>   Six-Things-You-Need-to-Know-About-Themes Click on this link and it will download on your computer.

Themes are abstract nouns:

Some of the sentences that I found for this phrase are…  Love is a dumb and dangerous word.  People misuse the word more than any other dictionary. “I love this apple, don’t you?” or ” I love this shirt!” but do they actually mean it? I picked these few  sentences because they really had good and interesting abstract nouns which I really liked, it also had expression for people to realise the abstract nouns.

Themes are important human issues:

This story did have the boy Joseph having cancer and dying in a very young age. The main theme of this story was lose and love. The bit were it showed that the boy had cancer it was described very well which was good because the characters in the story were very young and so it had to be described properly for them to know so I really liked that part.

Stories apply to many readers:

I felt that the story had a lot of sad emotions which made some of my classmates cry but I didn’t cry.  If I had to put the story using only one word it would be LOVE cause that is the word that sums up the full story. This story also included a lot of girlfriend and boyfriend stuff which was very interesting but I still liked it most people liked it.

Events represent ideas:

This story had many events and ideas like how the cancer information just popped up like that and how the girl found out that love isn’t that important as it sounds like.  I felt this story had a meaning that showed one event happening in the story, which I really liked even understood and see if you understood.

Experience evolves in patterns: 

In this story I felt that every few minutes I read a piece the author always repeated the phrase ” I love him”. Also some of the beginning of the story had relationships with what has happend with me so I agree with what she said in the story.

Fiction is instructional:

I thought that the beginning wasn’t that appropriate if a younger kid was going to read it. I thought the theme was welly chosen for a story like this one. If I would have written this story I would have added more expression to this story to when it said that Joseph had cancer.  

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