Poems #2

School Is Great School is great Not only for the homework rate Everyone here is nice I would say no one really likes rice I don’t know what you think Why don’t you take a drink If there was a school fate Then school would be great! Written By Prapti

BTN Olympics

My BTN Video Summery Recalls Questions Insight  This video showed how the Olympics went in 2010. It was located in Africa and millions of people came over. Soccer Olympics is more important than any other sport more than footy, rugby and other Olympic games!They 715000000 are estimated to be in the stadium located in Africa […]

Semester 1 Goals

  To work on my billions and stay on track when using equations but also using scientific words. As in behaviour, I want to be more confident when making speeches. I also want to help others when they need assistance or comfort. I similarly want to work more on decimals, and sentence to build up […]