Project Reflection


Desert Snail Presentation 


In term 2 our topic was the adaptations on animals that live in the desert (any desert). Near the end of the term we were told we were doing a project about an animal/plant that lives in the desert. The main thing we had to include in our project is some adaptions on the animal we had got. We worked in partners and had to present the presentation at the end of the term. We had no help from the teachers even for the model but the best part was working in pairs and getting to know each other.  My partner and I got the Desert Snail. Continue reading Project Reflection

BTN Olympics

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My BTN Video





This video showed how the Olympics went in 2010. It was located in Africa and millions of people came over. Soccer Olympics is more important than any other sport more than footy, rugby and other Olympic games!They 715000000 are estimated to be in the stadium located in Africa and this amount of people are placed in every soccer match. They said it would be the biggest soccer match held yet. Even bigger than the AFL finals and and even bigger than the super ball. Many different countries want it to be their turn to held a soccer match or the Olympics. 26 billion people are tuned to win that trophy they also come from about 240 different countries. Many want to held the future Olympics so be ready for it!

26 billion people want to win that trophy but they also come from several different countries.

Soccer is important than any other Olympic sport even more than AFL!    

Why is soccer more important than any other sport?

Why are all the countries fighting over to have the Olympics at their country? 

Soccer Olympics is more famous than any other Olympic game.



Semester 1 Goals


To work on my billions and stay on track when using equations but also using scientific words. As in behaviour, I want to be more confident when making speeches. I also want to help others when they need assistance or comfort. I similarly want to work more on decimals, and sentence to build up different types of sentences. I want to take risks in learning not only I want to do that I want to read books that come from different genres.

My future goals are to know more on percentage and ratio for maths. In English I want to write more interesting pieces for other people to read but also I want to use all types of punctuation in the correct sentence it belongs to. Even though I have learnt many new scientific words I want to learn more on science projects to prove I really like science. My last future goal is to show how much confidence I have in learning.

These are my learning and future goals!😊