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The video that I watched today was very interesting, it talked about who was the founder of footy. But more of it was that it was for the cricketers to get fit in the winter but people say AFL came from Marngrook.

AFL was found more than 150 years ago, by Thomas Wentworth Wills, who at the time was one of Australia’s best cricketers. He grew up in Australia and spent some time in England.Many people have tried to guess where its unique rules came from some said Rugby but some of the things in AFL came from Marngrook. Marngrook is a traditional sport played by Australia’s Indigenous people for thousands of years. Marngrook is the Gunditjmara word for ‘Game Ball’. In addition like Aussie Rules it’s a connection. Sport  between two teams that fight for possession of a ball with kicks and catches. Marngrook teams are much bigger with up to 50 players on each side. You also had to be pretty fit to play because games lasted for around 2 days! Also the Marngrook Ball was made out of possum skin not like the AFL ball made out of leather. The word for catch in Djab Warrung is Mumarkke or Mark for short.These similarities have led many people to believe there must be a shared history between Marngrook and Aussie Rules. Marngrook was played near where Tom Wills grew up, in Western Victoria – Djab Wurrung country and there, it was already known that he’d befriended kids from the local Indigenous community. He well read to speak their language. Which means he could have been introduced to Marngrook before creating Aussie Rules. 

How did the indigenous people come up with the name Mangrook?

Who was the person to make Mangrook? 

Mangrook is quite the same along footy.


Mangrook FootyMangrook Footy

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