BTN: World Asthma Day


The video that I watched today was about what happen’s when you have asthma. You don’t really catch asthma from others there is a certain way you get it but doctors can tell you that. For some people who have asthma can’t even go out without taking medication  and for some they have to go to the doctors and get medical units! One of the things that were said was that whenever you have an asthma attack you have to take a medication which comes with a weird looking bottle. But one of the medications you take is taken regularly at night. If you play or eat too much when having asthma may cause certain problems. Even if you don’ have asthma but is having a sickness you should always check with the doctors. You should always stay away from things that will make your asthma flair. And guess what my friends in this video.
The video

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