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Mangrook Footy

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The video that I watched today was very interesting, it talked about who was the founder of footy. But more of it was that it was for the cricketers to get fit in the winter but people say AFL came from Marngrook.

AFL was found more than 150 years ago, by Thomas Wentworth Wills, who at the time was one of Australia’s best cricketers. He grew up in Australia and spent some time in England.Many people have tried to guess where its unique rules came from some said Rugby but some of the things in AFL came from Marngrook. Marngrook is a traditional sport played by Australia’s Indigenous people for thousands of years. Marngrook is the Gunditjmara word for ‘Game Ball’. In addition like Aussie Rules it’s a connection. Sport  between two teams that fight for possession of a ball with kicks and catches. Marngrook teams are much bigger with up to 50 players on each side. You also had to be pretty fit to play because games lasted for around 2 days! Also the Marngrook Ball was made out of possum skin not like the AFL ball made out of leather. The word for catch in Djab Warrung is Mumarkke or Mark for short.These similarities have led many people to believe there must be a shared history between Marngrook and Aussie Rules. Marngrook was played near where Tom Wills grew up, in Western Victoria – Djab Wurrung country and there, it was already known that he’d befriended kids from the local Indigenous community. He well read to speak their language. Which means he could have been introduced to Marngrook before creating Aussie Rules. 

How did the indigenous people come up with the name Mangrook?

Who was the person to make Mangrook? 

Mangrook is quite the same along footy.


Mangrook FootyMangrook Footy

100WC In A Flash Of Lighting, I saw

In a flash of lightning. I saw the oak tree where granny was buried after her death. She died in such a young age even before I was born! But mum always says even if I didn’t ever see my granny I would still love her more then anything. When ever I see her on the pictures I think of my aunt cause they kind of look the same. After school I always go to see the oak tree and put a rose on top of where my granny is laid.  Sometimes my friends do this. But this isn’t real!😆

Okay, this sentence is not part of the 100WC all of the things that I just wrote about my granny is not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Price of Big Mac!

LG: I can use Excel to create graphs that meaningfully displays given data.

This is the graph that I made on excel. It shows big mac prices in different locations. It also shows the average price number in dollars.

I chose this graph because this is a collective data and it was originally set out on a two way table so I picked a two way bar graph. This bar graph also compares things correctly. You can see that the bar graph shows RSA has the most expensive mac books but in dollars they have the cheapest mac books.




My BTN Video

As we already know that space is very important to us because not only we can go on adventures, we can study it.

Our Earth is the third planet on the solar system but the milkyway holds thousands of solar system and one of them is ours. But the main question was “Is earth infinite” and the answer to that was no because if the earth expands you will never find the middle because of its shape. 

But there is a answer hidden and scientist have been trying to find out more about this. So if you are person that want work in NASA then you are amazing cause I wan to work in NASA its my dream job!!



I stared up at the strange looking hands. I walked towards it like it mesmerised me, it was made of newspapers and it was holding a hamburger. It represented the famous, delicious hamburger shop. I started to laugh and called my friends. They came like a dashing star I didn’t know how they did that. Never mind, I told them about what I saw. They were shocked to see the newspaper hands and the hamburger! It did look like it was made a long time ago because of how many cracks were on the ginormous newspaper hands. This is weird!


I looked at the sculpture that laid in front of me. My wide eyes looked around the room, the whole museum was still. The ground made a thud, noises begun like the noises of a treacherous earthquake.I slowly moved slightly to the room filled with dinosaurs as I looked at the huge coin I screeched through the room when I saw the crocodile moving it. I ran to the police but it was too late when  reaching the giant coin it had already collapsed within the two pillars. I looked at the orange and gold pieces and began to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTN: World Asthma Day


The video that I watched today was about what happen’s when you have asthma. You don’t really catch asthma from others there is a certain way you get it but doctors can tell you that. For some people who have asthma can’t even go out without taking medication  and for some they have to go to the doctors and get medical units! One of the things that were said was that whenever you have an asthma attack you have to take a medication which comes with a weird looking bottle. But one of the medications you take is taken regularly at night. If you play or eat too much when having asthma may cause certain problems. Even if you don’ have asthma but is having a sickness you should always check with the doctors. You should always stay away from things that will make your asthma flair. And guess what my friends in this video.
The video


Image result for different emojis copy and pasteThe video that I watched was called virtual classroom. The kids talked about their school and could chat with teachers and other students from different places in New South Wales having virtual times. Even in the near by cafe they chat with their teachers and classmates also in their p.e. room! They can do it when there is WiFi around. When they miss any session the work gets recorded and they can see it from their other classmates when having virtual talks so they can catch up with what they missed in class. They can have group chats about something their are focusing on like a project. They also talked about their school having free times to go to the library to have virtual talks to other students from different countries to see what they are learning about!


100WC {I just couldn’t eat something so}

Today Krish had tacos for lunch but because he did not like the tacos homemade he did not eat it. When he got home he didn’t take his lunch box out until his mum went upstairs. As she went upstairs Krish tip-toed to his bag and slowly got his lunch box out and quietly ran to the bin and was about to throw the food when his mum rushed down stairs and saw what Krish just did! She asked him” why did you not eat your lunch”. Krish replied” I had too much before so I just couldn’t eat something!!!!!!!!!!!”

100WC “Best Day Of My life”

Yesterday was my birthday and we had a grand party. Everyone who I invited came holding beautiful wrapped boxes. The present that my parents gave me was really small so I opened it last.My mum helped me un-wrap the presents, some of them were board games and some were electronic!!! Everything that I got for this birthday was the best. I didn’t care about the present that my parents gave me. I thought it would be the worst in all but instead it was the best!!! I slowly opened it and stared at the shiny, glimmering new i-phone and i-pad!!!!!!!!!!

BTN “Why do we sleep”

The only reason we sleep is because after all that we do at daytime makes us feel really tired and that sleep re-freshes our brain for the next day.The amount you eat and drink the same amount you should sleep to be healthy.When we are in deep sleep we are un-aware what is going on around us because of how much tired we are. Prefontal Cortee is a part of our brain that sorts out of what you learnt the whole day so it basically throws away the things that you wouldn’t need any more and keeps what you would need. So sleep is very important for many reasons!  People who can’t sleep at night get terrible headaches and can’t get any imformation their heads at all! Whereas a good sleeper can! Dreams are important for imaginations and creation!!!!!!