BTN Mangrook Footy!

Mangrook Footy Red- Summery Purple- Recalls Green- Questions Blue- Insight The video that I watched today was very interesting, it talked about who was the founder of footy. But more of it was that it was for the cricketers to get fit in the winter but people say AFL came from Marngrook. AFL was found […]

Price of Big Mac!

LG: I can use Excel to create graphs that meaningfully displays given data. This is the graph that I made on excel. It shows big mac prices in different locations. It also shows the average price number in dollars. I chose this graph because this is a collective data and it was originally set out […]


My BTN Video As we already know that space is very important to us because not only we can go on adventures, we can study it. Our Earth is the third planet on the solar system but the milkyway holds thousands of solar system and one of them is ours. But the main question was […]


I stared up at the strange looking hands. I walked towards it like it mesmerised me, it was made of newspapers and it was holding a hamburger. It represented the famous, delicious hamburger shop. I started to laugh and called my friends. They came like a dashing star I didn’t know how they did that. Never […]

BTN: World Asthma Day

  The video that I watched today was about what happen’s when you have asthma. You don’t really catch asthma from others there is a certain way you get it but doctors can tell you that. For some people who have asthma can’t even go out without taking medication  and for some they have to […]


The video that I watched was called virtual classroom. The kids talked about their school and could chat with teachers and other students from different places in New South Wales having virtual times. Even in the near by cafe they chat with their teachers and classmates also in their p.e. room! They can do it […]

BTN “Why do we sleep”

The only reason we sleep is because after all that we do at daytime makes us feel really tired and that sleep re-freshes our brain for the next day.The amount you eat and drink the same amount you should sleep to be healthy.When we are in deep sleep we are un-aware what is going on […]