Stormy Night!!!

Walking through the stormy, dark forest it started to get colder and colder. My heart was beating as fast as a cheetah running across the whole country. I walked and walked on the dry, crunchy and black leaves as I started to lose my way. As the dirt rose up and the wind became stronger […]


The video that I watched today was about several kids talking about why they need it and why they love the river. River is food and water for everyone. It is useful for many reasons also at the start the boy was talking about why they do the river dance. The reason was, because everything […]


On a rainy day there was a car race. A gentle girl named, Anya was in the race but also the rain! As they whizzed through the race track the flood started to become higher and higher while Anya just held on tight to her steering wheel. At the time when the flood became quite […]


Hi I’m a general girl named Rita. My grandfather is a famous soldier , He traveled around the world fighting in many wars. At the age of 99 he stopped and settled down on his wrecked leg that was broken due to an accident .When he died my father planted a flower that would represent my grandfather’s […]