Stormy Night!!!

Walking through the stormy, dark forest it started to get colder and colder. My heart was beating as fast as a cheetah running across the whole country. I walked and walked on the dry, crunchy and black leaves as I started to lose my way. As the dirt rose up and the wind became stronger I couldn't see anything and but with the help of the shining moon I could see a bit better. I heard some weird noises which made me feel a bit nervous, when I turned just to see what was going wrong hundreds or even thousands of bats came across smacking me with their thorny, wild and thick wings. When those annoying bats were gone I went to the nearby river and saw my reflection, my face looked terrible and I looked like a monster which I thought was a bit embarrassing. I left the river with a sad look trying to forget about the worst picnic ever. I thought that me and my mum would have a good picnic and leave together but instead she left  leaving me behind. I have been wondering around in the woods for ages carrying a starving tummy!!!!!!!  Next time I will remember to stick to my mother always. I surly have learnt a big mistake.


The video that I watched today was about several kids talking about why they need it and why they love the river. River is food and water for everyone. It is useful for many reasons also at the start the boy was talking about why they do the river dance. The reason was, because everything that lived in the river were dying and the dance represented the fishes body. Even their passion was to fish and think the river was their home. It is also some peoples loving to sail in the water and be a captain of a boat or ship. Also there are certain ways to control the river unlike the sea which keeps the ships and boats safe when sailing. Nowadays compute- ring also can control the river. Even teenagers can study about the river and the creatures that live in the river. The rivers help the natural birds live. It is for everyone to have fun. If everyone helps the river be hygienic and sparkling there will be more fresh water, RIVERS ARE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!


On a rainy day there was a car race. A gentle girl named, Anya was in the race but also the rain! As they whizzed through the race track the flood started to become higher and higher while Anya just held on tight to her steering wheel. At the time when the flood became quite high Anya’s car was starting to be pushed to a huge tree due to the wind. One minute later the car was stuck in the tree. When it was the next day everything was dried up and the car was still stuck in the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi I’m a general girl named Rita. My grandfather is a famous soldier , He traveled around the world fighting in many wars. At the age of 99 he stopped and settled down on his wrecked leg that was broken due to an accident .When he died my father planted a flower that would represent my grandfather’s death.When I first went to the local museum I looked at all the famous soldiers and one of them was my grandfather .  I wondered of to look at this wall two men seemed to have gotten trapped, no wait they were soldiers!!!!!!You wouldn’t believe it!!!!!!!