This was about a man whose name is Anh Doh’s and his experience as a refugee form Vietnam who wrote his first book that is really popular. This man had travelled over seas when he was only 2 from Vietnam. It took him 5 days exact to reach Australia which he thinks is a wonderful place. His mother makes them dress in a funny way so the clothes would not get wasted or be destroyed. On the ship they were travelling on there was a pirate attack and one of the pirates was so mad he was about to throw Anh’s brother also the other families were thrilled by the pirates behavior.


Was it really hard for Anh and his family to travel from Vietnam to Australia?[conditions of 
 Did he want to leave everything [home] from Vietnam?                                                                   


100 WORD CHALLENGE [ Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera]

My brown cat pounced on my elbows and closed her beautiful eyes. I thought, what made her fear  so much. I was really worried and couldn’t move  so I told her that not to worry [really]. I got my small,  shiny camera and took a few pictures cause she looked adorable and there had to be a picture of her cute face sent to my friends.  Next door lived a lovely lady who was a cat specialist so I bought my cat to her and she fixed the problem [what was going wrong whit my cat].Oh my, that was hard!!!!!!!!!!!


At the beginning of the video the kids were showing and telling how Australia is so unique from different countries. They also showed us a demonstration of how the colonies acted against each other in the olden days. It describes the olden days in Australia when Captain Cook landed  and named the bit as Sydney Cove. Various other countries came to Australia like Britain and formed their own colonies. There was no good relationship between any of the colonial parts. The British was the big boss of all the colonial parts of Australia. The poorer and the smaller colonies would be afraid to face other colonies because how much power they had and how much money they had. Indigenous people wouldn’t be able to be counted in the population of Australia until 1971 and they could not vote for certain things till 1962. Women couldn’t vote either until 1902. Finally on Australia was freed from British and on  1st January 1901 Commonwealth Of Australia was formed.


How can something be so tiny as a present ! Why on my  birthday, granny would give me a boring gift which is a ring which isn’t useful ! At least my friends know how to gift. My granny knows me for ages and she still doesn’t know what I like! She could have given me something at least a bit better like a board game. It doesn’t matter if shes come from a long way! I imagined that she would bring the best birthday present in all but she gave me the worst. Maybe next year will be better, hope so.

100 Word Challenge

The only thing that would make me delay to sell my groceries is that I love to dream about stupid things that would never be able to come true. I would look at the other shopkeepers’ stuff {instead of looking at my own ones} and that would make me dream of being the richest and buy every single thing that would be sold in this market. Also when the rich fellows would come over with offer to marry me I would say no and act like a show-off. And that is why I am always last which is bad.


This video is about two colonial soldiers who deliberately wanted to be caught by stealing a piece of cloth so that  can lead the life of convicts. The soldiers had a very boring life as compared to the convicts who could relax after finishing their allotted work. Ralph Darling (governor in New South Wales) made the rules really harsh and the soldiers were made to stay under chain for 7 years.CHAINS WERE TORTURE, the prisoners wouldn’t be able to walk or stand properly. Wentworth was a politician who was the first native-born Australian. He was one of the leading figures of early colonial of New South Whales who wanted self- government for the Australian colonies.