Poems and Jokes

I cannot go to school today,                                                    What can you serve but never eat ?
said little Peggy Ann Makey.                                                   Knock knock
My glasses broke.                                                                      Who’s there
I think I’m going to choke.                                                      Nana
My cat puked in my shoe,                                                       Nana who
Not to mention all the poo.                                                    Nana of your buisness
I have a hangnail on my thumb.
I hear my ear going numb.
I was up all night with a migraine;
I think there’s a bug in my brain.
I keep getting a heat flash.
On my butt there’s a rash.
My skin is cracked and dry.
I think there’s something in my right eye.
I’ve got a massive leg cramp.
My ears hurt from my brother’s amp.
All my hair is falling out.
All I want to do is pout.
All my clothes are too tight.
My head is filled with fright
I think I’m going to die!
Why me, oh why?
What’s that? What’s that you say?
You say today is Saturday?
G’Bye I’m going out to play!

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