The first video represented what the Aboriginals thought when they saw the English people proceeding towards their area in native Australia and invading gradually. They were bringing some strange items/animals which were new to the Aboriginal people. They were scared and called them “ghost people”.

In the 18th century the poor children in England used make their survival by stealing food, clothes and money because of mass poverty. The judicial system was very harsh and they were sentenced to jail. But eventually when the jails were filled with criminals, some were hanged and some were deported to far away in a new place called New South Wales which was invented in the early 18th century. The ships which were used during that period had terrible conditions. Some could not endure the voyage. The convicts who could successfully arrive at the destination started their lives in the new colony.


Camp: Under The Cave!

Today was one of my favourite day at camp because we had caving. It was also last day of camp! So the day begun with dressing up and have breakfast as usual. Then we waited for the bus to arrive as the caves were half an hour drive from our camping area. On reaching there we had to walk 5 mins (1km) after which I was not tired at all after  we were used to the everyday walking. We met our guides in front of the caves and split into 2 groups and went into two different caves. My group didn’t go into the cave that had snakes and frogs in it but the other group did! At first before going into the cave I felt a little nervous. But as we moved inside, it was so thrilling and adventurous. We had to bend on our nee as the caves were very low height. We wore helmets so our heads wouldn’t get hurt. The torches on my helmet were so dim that it was really hard to look through! We were  following the stalactites that hung from the ceiling and when we reached the last bit of the cave we saw the last stalactite. Then we had to crawl through the tiniest hole I’ve seen before. The water that went through the stalactites produced filtered water which made limestone’s, and we got to taste the tasty, lovely, sweet water which was cool!                     CAVING WAS A COMPLETELY NEW EXPERIENCE FOR ME AND I WILL REMEMBER THIS ACTIVITY FOREVER!!!!!!!          More Info Corner-

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Poems and Jokes

I cannot go to school today,                                                    What can you serve but never eat ?
said little Peggy Ann Makey.                                                   Knock knock
My glasses broke.                                                                      Who’s there
I think I’m going to choke.                                                      Nana
My cat puked in my shoe,                                                       Nana who
Not to mention all the poo.                                                    Nana of your buisness
I have a hangnail on my thumb.
I hear my ear going numb.
I was up all night with a migraine;
I think there’s a bug in my brain.
I keep getting a heat flash.
On my butt there’s a rash.
My skin is cracked and dry.
I think there’s something in my right eye.
I’ve got a massive leg cramp.
My ears hurt from my brother’s amp.
All my hair is falling out.
All I want to do is pout.
All my clothes are too tight.
My head is filled with fright
I think I’m going to die!
Why me, oh why?
What’s that? What’s that you say?
You say today is Saturday?
G’Bye I’m going out to play!


Me in Scotland

   Me in a London Double Decker Bus!

Dear Senada,

Today I have written a small piece saying all about me.

My name is Prapti  and today I have written a small piece saying all about. In my family I have my little brother, mum and dad. I am born in Cardiff which is in Wales. As my dad works in TCS we get transferred to different places like we lived in London before. From there we came to Melbourne recently.

When we lived in London I learned a lot of things like Swimming, Basketball, Classical Dance and Keyboard, Soccer, Tennis. I did keyboard in school times and basketball after school times. I had dance lessons on weekends which I did for 4 years and also swimming for the same amount of time. I played soccer on every weekend and sometimes on weekends and did tennis after school. I played more sports but I played with my friends like tennis, badminton, soccer and netball and rugby. My hobbies are to play with my friend and play sports with them too. I like to dance and do art (even though I am not that good at it).  Also I love love love sports my favourite sport is soccer I go for Liverpool in the Premier League and go for Barcelona in La Liga and in International I go for Brazil. As you already know after staying in the UK for nearly my whole life I have seen snow a lot. My favourite part of snow is that I get to ice skate which I’m really good at also I get to make snowmen and snow boarding.  

I am an Indian from a city called Kolkata, which is in the eastern part of India. I have many friends there and many relatives who live there too. I get to visit to India once a year and to spend some time with them. I like to wear Indian clothes cause I feel they are fancy.

I have great hopes as we moved to Australia and hopefully they will get fulfilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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