An Action Poem:

An Action Poem: Cycling Sweaty cycler on the cycle cycling on the hill Speedy non Spooky Day and night As the contest arrives Speed whoosh zoom As Zain passes through The Turquoise site of trees And all the hanging peas What a great place to cycle 3rd place is Mycale 2nd place is Pat 1st […]


Today we did a poetry lesson Imaginary and sensing. We all wrote poems on our picture we imagined. This is one of mine. See if you can guess what the image is or the place. 5,4,3,2,1 Blast off Up we go The twinkly stars brighten’s my eyes As we go deeper and deeper The moons […]


prompt! This the picture of somebody who had dived into the water and can’t swim. That is dum cause if you can’t swim and you dive into water then you might have the chance of dying like we are learning about chance in maths! Well this is the picture of the legs. I didn’t see […]


Latest Prompt: Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away.  100WC: He is younger then me by nearly 8 years (age 3 years old) sometimes I think he is older! He is a really close person to me and most times he is the person to make me happy. Most times he […]


So this week was magician week that means when at least magician comes to your school and does magic tricks. Now it was not the best magician week ever but it was a funny one.The magician had this really big light bulb and before he did the magic trick it was empty, but after the […]

SEPEP/ Futsal

SEPEP/ Futsal means soccer played in a indoor or smaller pitch. For the past 7 weeks we have been playing sepep. Everyone in the 5/6 get into 10 groups of 7-8 people and then you verse each other. You and your team have to come up with a team name+ team chant+ team uniform. My […]


This week was not the usual week for me. While I was walking in the park I found this shoe sitting next these two huge shoe foot prints. I couldn”t guess who would do that but it was freaky! This is what I thought of the whole day, one small shoe next to, two big […]